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Other talks

"The Vision of King Henry VI"

King Henry VI's reign was politically disastrous, ruined by personal tragedy and national catastrophe. His reputation today rests on the enduring foundation of Eton College, Windsor, in 1440 and King's College, Cambridge, in 1441.

"The Vision of King Henry VI" examines Henry's intentions in founding his two colleges, how they have developed, and their places in British education today. The history and place of sacred music in the two colleges continues to be of particular relevance and interest. The issues raised provide stimulating food for thought and discussion.

"My Mother A Spy?"

High and alone in the Swiss mountains, the only pupil left in his teacherless school, an 8 year old boy awaits his mother. War is closing all borders, father is serving in faraway Africa: what is to happen to him, where is she, why doesn't she come?

This is a new talk about my strange and very unusual childhood in a very different war from the one experienced by people in this country and indeed elsewhere.

All talks have been well received and enjoyed by a wide variety of audiences.

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