"When Gerald Peacocke was Headmaster of King's College School, he spent much time in the King's College Chapel and developed a deep love for and understanding of it. He is a wonderful speaker. The combination of his extensive knowledge and his gift with words makes him an extremely attractive lecturer. I warmly recommend him." Professor Patrick Bateson, Former Provost, King's College, Cambridge

"Gerald Peacocke is a fine public speaker, not only in English, but in a number of European languages. During his time as Headmaster of King's College School, he formed a deep love of School and Chapel, and of the life of the Choir, about which he can talk with both knowledge and sympathy." Stephen Cleobury, Organist and Director of Music, King's College, Cambridge

"I would like to endorse thoroughly Gerald's abilities as a speaker. He is meticulous in preparation, and has a charming and interesting manner of delivery. He is erudite, fluent in several European languages, but is able to involve everyone and give a fascinating talk. The actual quality of his speaking voice is excellent, and he has an expressive face. His experience in his chosen field is second to none, and he has a wealth of material." Ralph Allwood, Precentor and Director of Music, Eton College

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