Master Breeder of the Year Award

We are a small kennel located in Woodford, Queensland, Australia, who breed for type, temperament, movement and soundness.

Our shelties are first and foremost our family, who have the run of our house. They actively participate in sheep herding, and in the past, lure coursing, whilst a couple are in the conformation ring.

For some years I have been fascinated by the bi-black sheltie (black and white), having bred Panda in 2000. This has led me to researching the bi-blacks both in Europe and Australia.

Whilst they are more common in Europe and North America they are not seen very often in the show ring either in Australia or New Zealand. This is slowly changing with three having gained their conformation titles in Australia and one in New Zealand.

We have successfully bred eight bi-blacks in 3.5 years, using stud dogs from both Lizneb in NSW and Learick in Qld.

It would appear that we have the right combination of genes to establish our kennel as the Home of the Bi-Blacks.

Please refer to our 'pedigrees' page for more information about our dogs and puppies, our 'gallery' pages for photos, and our 'show' page for show results.

Updates, including puppy and show photos, will appear on our Facebook page. We invite you to visit it, to "like" us, and to keep in touch with what's new at SAFAREE SHETLAND SHEEPDOGS.

June 2013
We are honoured to have been awarded Master Dog Breeder of the Year in the 6th Annual Master Dog Breeder’s and Associates Dog Choice Awards.

Also in June, our Sheep Herding Queensland facility at Mountain View Lodge where our Shelties are bred, featured on the Channel 7 program The Great SouthEast / Queensland Weekend. Click here to view the video.

08 December 2012
We are pleased to announce the arrival of Bree’s third litter in which we have another bi-black bitch. Look out for Katie in the Conformation Show Ring in 2013.

29 February 2012
We are happy to announce the arrival of Bree's 2nd litter. We have two bi-blacks, one boy and one girl, both doing well. Weights 10-15oz. Photos and news appear on our Facebook page.

Pictured on the main page: Jemma, top right-hand corner, has Dutch, German & English bloodlines which as far as we can ascertain have not been in Australia before. Lower down are two of our bi-blacks, Odin and Bree. Bree's latest litter features in our Facebook pics.