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Mountain View Lodge*: This is our own SHEEP HERDING TRAINING FACILITY located in Woodford, Queensland, about 80 minutes drive north of Brisbane, or 20 minutes from Caboolture. The people participating at Mountain View Lodge have a wide variety of experience in ANKC Style Sheep Herding Competition. Please click here to visit the website.

Canine Control Council of Queensland: Information regarding breeders, judges, dog shows, and canine control clubs within Queensland.

Master Dog Breeders Academy: A multi-level service provider for dog breeders, their puppy buyers, and other responsible dog owners. Provides education and support to help breeders achieve their highest potential.

New Zealand Kennel Club: An association of more than 300 societies affiliated to, associated with and recognised by NZKC. The Club also accepts membership from individuals who meet specified criteria.

Queensland Lure Coursing Association: Lure Coursing tries to stimulate the hound's natural instincts for coursing. The "Lure" (a bunch of plastic strips, skin or a plastic bag) is tied to a rope that is pulled around spindles and pullies by a motorcycle especially designed for this purpose. The course pattern is irregular and somewhat similar to the way a hare might run in the open field.

Sharyn Peacocke Web Design: Queensland-based Sharyn is a web designer specialising in building 'websites that work' for people who want creative, reliable, personalised service. She has clients throughout Australia and overseas.